How are Eri and Mulberry different? Aren’t all silk fabrics the same?

The major difference between Eri and Mulberry is in the type of worms producing the yarn and the types of leaves they eat. In simple words, Eri and Mulberry silk are derived from two different species of silkworms. They each have their unique properties. Mulberry forms the bulk of the commercial silk produced in the world. Whereas, Eri is a wild silk and is one of the more distinctive natural silks available. Most importantly, this woolly pale yellow silk is often referred to as the fabric of peace as it is processed without killing silkworms.

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What is so special about Eri?

Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said, Ahimsa is the highest duty. Even if we cannot practice it in full, we must try to understand its spirit and refrain as far as is humanely possible from violence.

Eri silk, also known as Ahimsa silk or peace silk, is a blessing for those who practice absolute non-violence, or in simple words, they don’t use products obtained by killing any animal. Moths leave the cocoon and then the cocoons are harvested to be spun. This process is humane to the creatures creating the silk than other traditional methodologies. Gradually, it is becoming popular all over the world. Also, Eri is only available in the form of spun yarn instead of a blend of spun yarn and filament. When a silk is 100% spun yarn fabric, it cannot be substituted with any other kind of silk or cheaper alternative. This ensures total distinctiveness of the fabric!

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Okay. We get it. But is spun fabric as comfortable as other silks?

Spun fabrics such as Eri are far more comfortable than those that come from filament. Eri is a more breathable fabric. We’ll give you a quick technical context to help you understand. Eri has a lower specific gravity that makes it very voluminous.

Due to its texture, Eri does not generate as much static electricity as other varieties of silk. That’s not all. Since Eri has fullness, the fabric has a unique property of providing thermal insulation, thereby keeping you cool in summers and warm in winters!

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What about look and texture?

Eri silk is durable and strong and has a typical texture; its matte texture makes it look more like a rich variety of cotton. It is widely used in home furnishings like curtains, bed covers, cushion covers, wall hangings, quilts, etc. Its woolly feel adds to the comfort. s

Just not that, the fall of the Eri fabric is smooth and fine like worsted wool. With this quality, the fabric can be draped better. So, Eri silk is also a great option for saris, stoles, and crafting upper-wear such as tops, kurtas, and shirts. Moreover, Eri’s crease-resistant properties also give it an edge over Mulberry.

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Is Eri an expensive fabric?

Mulberry - the finest and the softest silk, is the most expensive silk fabric in the world. Muga silk, Spider silk, Velvet, Charmeuse silk, Cashmere silk and Vucana silk are some of the most expensive silk fabrics in the World. Eri is decently priced.

Eri is rare – not just in the quantity available but also in the way it originates. Eri is a wild silk and the silkworms originate only in Assam. Eri is also known as the fabric of peace as the silkworms are not killed to source the silk. (The Eri yarn comes from filament that is neither continuous nor uniform in thickness. As a result, the cocoons cannot be reeled. Therefore, the moths are allowed to emerge and the pierced cocoons are used for spinning to produce the Eri silk yarn).

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How do we get the best Eri silk in the market?

Eri is not easily available in the organized market. However, our company, Eris, is the only organized company in the Eri sector. We assure consistency and credibility in the international market through our certifications, and we also assure to fulfill every order successfully. We use the necessary craftsmanship and technology to produce the Eri yarn to safeguard its essence and rare beauty. Our aim is to make trading in Eri a responsible and sustainable venture by creating value and by preserving the legacy!

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