The Conscience of Cocoon

Social Impact of Silk

Eris recognizes that the ecosystem in which silk is produced is fragile, important and a collective responsibility. Therefore, through its business, it intends to improve the society in which it operates.

Total people supported: Approx 100,000

Impacted the following directly:

  • Cocoon Rearing Families: 8,500
  • Handloom Weaver Families: 4,000
Impacted the following indirectly:
  • Cocoon Feed Providing Families: 10,000

Women Empowerment

Eris works in collaboration with Women on Wings, a Netherlands-based organization that focuses on rural women employment. In 2014, this collaboration increased the participation of females in the workforce to 85% (when the statistics for a government initiative for a similar purpose was 29%).

We believe that Assam silk, as precious as it is, must still serve the people that create it.



We are members of SEDEX or the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange organization. This is a not-for- profit organization that is responsible for ethical business practices in global supply chains. As members, we are committed to being transparent in the way we operate. Information related to our performance in the areas of Labour Standards, Health and Safety, Environment, and Business Ethics is available online for review.

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